MSSC Now Accepting Registrations for Second Chance Prom

Update: Registration is now closed.

The Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition is excited to announce that the registration form for Second Chance Prom is now available online. Any Mississippi youth or student between the ages of 15 and 23 are welcome to register. Youth and Students can access the registration form at:

Second Chance Prom will be held May 8th at the Bancorp South Arena in Tupelo, MS. The event will last from 5pm until 11pm. There is no cost to attendees.

Space is limited so Register NOW! We will send a confirmation email to let you know that your space has been reserved. (NOTE: You will not receive the confirmation email immediately.)

3 Comments on “MSSC Now Accepting Registrations for Second Chance Prom

  1. YOU ROCK CONSTANCE! So does Morgan Freeman and so does Lance Bass and Green Day. Heck, if I didn’t live in New Mexico and if I didn’t graduate from highschool in 1979, I would attend YOUR prom in Mississippi. And yes, I would have asked you for the honor of a dance my dear.

    We have our own issues that we are facing in our public schools in Santa Fe, NM. This issues mostly have to do with budget situations. Fortunately racism and intolerance of gay and lesbian are not issues that are prevalant here.

    HAVE FUN at your 2nd chance prom… BE SAFE! And treasure the wonderful memories of this success and the success I am sure you will have in the future.

  2. GOD BLESS YOU CONSTANCE!!! I live in Louisville, MS and I’ve been following your story. My sister-in-law is a lesbian and I love her just like she was my own blood sister. I am praying for you and your family!!!!

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