Mississippi Middle School Student Attacked Over Name

Randi, a student from Hernando Middle School was attacked and beaten this week for her name. The Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition would like to extend our condolences and offer our support to her and her family. Randi, has become the victim of an all too common form of harassment. The MSSC urges students, teachers and parents to take a stance to put an end to bullying.  We encourage the school enact a conflict resolution program for bullies.

The story from WREG is available below.

4 Comments on “Mississippi Middle School Student Attacked Over Name

  1. Bullying is a learned behavior that adults must ~ Un-learn ~ NOW!

    All faculty & staff are charged with monitoring the well-being of young people in their custody; fewer “bully-models” would drastically change the climate!

    I say hold the adults accountable, as well!
    [A comprehensive plan for reporting adult bully behavior is needed!]

    :>) ~ Encourage beloved community – dismantle bullying!

  2. I go to Hernando High School and I’m surprised i hadn’t heard of this until now! Sadly though I can hardly call it surprising.

  3. “It started after a fellowship of Christian students meeting…”

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooocking!!!!!! Shocking. SHOCK-ING. Sh-ock-ing. SHOCKING!

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