About Us

The Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition was founded in 2008 by young folks from across the state who recognized a need for statewide support for queer and trans young folks working in their communities. From this foundation, our organization has continued to be led predominantly by young folks. Our board is our staff and our organizing team, and as such rely on grassroots organizing and community-based skills and practices to fuel the work we do in Mississippi.

Our work supports community efforts to reduce anti-LGBT bias in public schools and communities throughout Mississippi. Although the primary focus of MSSC is sexual orientation and gender identity issues, we recognize the harm caused by harassment, violence, and discrimination of all kinds.

MSSC seeks a diverse coalition membership in order to build the kind of statewide visibility and support needed to achieve its mission. MSSC members represent a broad cross-section of students, educators, community members and businesses in Mississippi. Membership is open to any organization, school district, agency, business, or individual that supports the mission of the MSSC.


GSA Development & Youth Leadership Development

  • Mississippi GSA Network
  • Youth Organizers (YO) Program
  • Teen GSA
  • QYLTS Action Camp
  • Queer Youth & Ally (Q&A) Summit

Provide Resources for Adults

  • Cultural Competency Trainings
  • Youth Participatory Research
  • Adult Allies Program
  • Advisors Network

Engage in Community-based Work

  • Stories Project
  • National Association of GSA Networks (Southeast Cohort)
  • National Safe Schools Roundtable
  • Mississippi LGBTQ Leadership Coalition
TMOR (2 or 3)


We believe that in order for us to see true change that has long-term and short-term effects on our communities, we must be able to share our vision for how our work fits into the greater movement work happening in our state, region, and country. In 2016 we will be releasing our organization's theory of change.