MSSC hosts annual events in addition to our regular programming. The following are just a few of the regular events we host for our membership and communities.


Q&A Youth Summit

Summit is MSSC's annual membership meeting, but it includes much more than business and organizationl announcements. Our summit is our general training ground as well. We provide an open call for workshop proposals, which can provide quite a range of topics each year including: Trans Issues in Sports, Sex Ed, White Supremacy and Racial Justice, and Deconstructing the Gender Binary. If you are looking for ways to get involved in advocacy and organizng in Mississippi, our Q&A Summit is a good place to start.

QYLTS Action Camp

QYLTS Action Camp is the only gathering of its kind in the region, an intense, interactive summer camp designed for queer youth and allies living in the South. QYLTS Action Camp is hosted in partnership with GSA Network, Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition, Georgia Equality, Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network, and organizers from Tennessee and Alabama . We bring together LGBTQ students and students from Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida and Louisiana in order to create this unique camp experience. The camp is a week-long immersive experience that includes a multi-frame approach to dealing with issues relating to capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy by uplifting racial justice, gender and sexuality equity, and community-centered economics.

Team Mississippi
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Teen Community GSA:
Jackson & Cleveland

For young folks living in the Greater Jackson area and in Cleveland, MS, we offer our Teen GSA. This community gay-straight alliance is open to all teenagers who are looking for support, learning opportunities, and ways to get involved. Parents are welcome to contact us to arrange dropping off their young folks. We hope that all of our supporters, volunteers, and older allies respect this youth space and find other activities as we do not provide activities or waiting areas during Teen GSA for you. This includes but is not limited to members of the media.