Current Action Alerts:

Currently Miss. legislators have passed numerous bills affecting Mississippi's youth. We stand with those in opposition to the following:

  • HB1523: Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act
  • SB2525: Downtown Annexation
  • SB2162: Jackson Airport Takeover
  • MS State Flag, and all other symbols of the confederacy and promotion of white supremacy
  • Confederate Heritage Month
  • The systemic dismantling of public education
  • #CounterConfederateSpring

What you can do:

  • Encourage your school's faculty council and student government to release a statement opposing the bills.
  • Write editorials for your school's newspaper
  • Organize on your campus to raise awareness or challenge these policies locally
  • Use Social Media to ask businesses to condemn these bills and policies
  • Build a coalition to convince your city to pass a resolution opposing the bills
  • Follow us on Twitter to find out about other ACTION ALERTs as they happen
  • Please email us at info@mssafeschools.org to find out how to add your city/school to this list.