MSSC is a testing ground for developing methods to increase leadership engagement and development in social justice work. Over the years we've had many programs which focus on highlighting youth leadership. We work from three focus areas: student activism, focused leadership development, and building stronger communities of support.


Mississippi GSA Network

A primary function of MSSC has always been a vehicle through which young leaders from across our state can come together to support one another. Most of our organization's leadership initially get involved through local GSAs, student organizations, and youth-led community groups. We provide the following supports for GSAs and other young leadership:

  • starting a GSA in your school or community
  • campaigns & events for your GSA
  • peer-sharing with other student leaders

Through our role as a network for students and other young leaders, we hope to break-down the silo-ing and isolation that many of our young leaders express.


Youth Organizers Program - YO Program

In order for our coalition to maintain a strong youth-led basis for our work, we developed a program specifically focused on developing youth leadership in our communities and schools. Our Youth Organizers focus on:

  • community engagement through civic work
  • managing campaigns and events
  • building the next-generation of leadership

Our five month YO (Youth Organizer) internship is an awesome opportunity to get on the ground training in grassroots organizing, develop skills in outreach, research development, media skills and program implementation and so much more. All of this while working in an independent goal oriented environment alongside other local organizers.


Cultural Competency

As the leading organizing in Mississippi working on issues affecting LGBTQ youth, MSSC has become a resource for cultural competency trainings for various organizations, agencies, and departments. These are a few of the trainings that we have offered:

  • LGBTQ 101
  • School Pushout & LGBTQ Youth
  • Best Practices for LGBTQ Youth in Care
Conference Attendees Listening to Speaker

(Re)Launching in 2016

  • Adult Allies & Miss. Advisors Network In 2016 we will be relaunching our Adult Allies program including increased support for our GSA Advisors throughout the state.
  • Stories Project Back in the early days of MSSC, we collected video and written stories about experiences in Mississippi's public school system. In 2016 with help from a new generation of youth leaders, we're relaunching one of our most popular projects, MSSC Stories Project.
  • MSSC Survey As a partner program to the Stories Project, we'll also be launching a new line of participatory research facilitated, developed, and run by youth leaders. Mississippi has long been an area of little to no research when it comes to documenting the experiences of queer and trans folks throughout the state. As research is an important tool, MSSC will be launching our Survey project in the hopes of filling these gaps.

Regional & National

If your organization or group would like a training on any of the preceding issues or have a specific focus, contact us

National Youth Policy Leaders Institute